At Good to Great Tasmania everything we do is focused on challenging teams to think differently. To do less good work and to do more great work. To not settle at being a good team but to aspire to being a great team. Why? Because we firmly believe that few teams ever choose to achieve their potential, being good is simply easier than being great!

We challenge teams to cross the line and set themselves apart from the others in their field. We drill down into their culture, creating an environment that encourages open honest reviews of performance. Leading to shared visions, behaviours and expectations that are the platform for a successful and sustainable high performance, unique team culture.

Our critically acclaimed range of Action Programs can be applied to any sized team in any industry.


Communication is a critical part of any businesses success. We had a good business but our 2020 vision was to make it a great business. To do this we enlisted Jon Fletcher, he has been very helpful in helping us by imbedding a supportive structure, allowing for some deepening of relationships between our team. This has been very beneficial to all our staff as they understand the importance of leadership for them, communication and driving their future success.- Michael Burnett B.Com. F.C.A. | Partner, Accru Hobart
Huon is committed to sustainable growth through innovation and continuous improvement. To achieve this we need great Leadership and Teams. Huon has engaged Jon to assist us in building great Leaders and developing a framework that provides our Teams with the necessary tools to have honest conversations, be accountable and be held to account for behaviours and associated performance. Jon’s facilitation, guidance and coaching is proving to be invaluable in lifting the performance of our Leaders and their Teams.- Tony Baker | General Manager People, Safety and Culture, Huon Aquaculture
Jon has been instrumental for our increase in operational productivity and respect for each employee’s role. In a no-nonsense system employees are engaged and made to feel secure to tell the truth about success, failings and issues otherwise not expressed.</p> <p>- Troy Bennett | CEO Bennett’s Petroleum



The Great Teams Playbook provides some practical strategies for more effective ways of working as individuals, leaders and teams.

It’s not exhaustive, but it gives you a place to start when tackling some of the common issues that teams face.

Together we will identify the key factors that your team needs to be great.



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