The GTG Teams is our foundation program, encompassing a comprehensive, values based approach, to leadership, team work and organisational culture.

The GTG Teams program, for maximum effect is delivered over a sustained period of time. We explore the functional dynamics for developing stronger team alignment. Developing sharper clarity of roles, acquiring greater sense of ownership and accountability for productive behaviour that leads to a stronger more cohesive and unified team.

We provide opportunity to review behaviour, and support participants by providing them the tools, to become leaders in their own right. During the teams’ program we recognise that behaviours based decision making is fundamental for building a sustainable and lasting culture.

We also deliver professional development programs, coaching and mentoring. Jon is also available to be a guest speaker at events and conferences.



The GTG Leaders program is open to core or emerging leaders from various companies, or leaders within the one company, who come together to form a leader’s cluster. The comprehensive 5 days over 5 months program allows the participants to share real workplace experiences and situations, creating an active learning environment with open conversations and honest peer feedback.

Jon supports the leaders through facilitation. They explore what strong trust based relationships can look like and the benefits of strengthened relationships with their colleagues that they can then apply in their own work place.

During the program, we action and review participants’ leadership performance, and the non-negotiable behaviours that we believe are required to accelerate the change that can transform your organisation, or team from being good …. to great.



What it is that you stand for? As a person, and as a leader. Is the current culture of your organisation a reflection of who you are? What would you like it to look like? Legacy provides the opportunity to have honest conversations with Jon, a sounding board, discussing individual challenges and developing strategies for you as a leader to handle different situations that arise. This in turn provides clarity and surety on how you implement the change you want to make, and leave the legacy you want, for your organisation.

Leadership can feel isolated at times and this is one of the key reasons why the legacy program is so valuable. Conversations and support are focused on you, the individual. It may include feedback strategies for getting the best out of your team, discussions on dealing with conflict management and definitive ways of improving culture within your business.

This one on one style of personal mentoring is ongoing and is tailored for the individual.

Huon is committed to sustainable growth through innovation and continuous improvement. To achieve this we need great Leadership and Teams. Huon has engaged Jon to assist us in building great Leaders and developing a framework that provides our Teams with the necessary tools to have honest conversations, be accountable and be held to account for behaviours and associated performance. Jon’s facilitation, guidance and coaching is proving to be invaluable in lifting the performance of our Leaders and their Teams.

Tony Baker | General Manager People, Safety and Culture, Huon Aquaculture



The Great Teams Playbook provides some practical strategies for more effective ways of working as individuals, leaders and teams.

It’s not exhaustive, but it gives you a place to start when tackling some of the common issues that teams face.

Together we will identify the key factors that your team needs to be great.


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