Tasmanian born and bred with a strong passion for Tasmanian success, Jon (or ‘Fletch’ as he’s affectionately known) has been working and consulting in the high performance culture, leadership, team and individual success field for more than 10 years.

Previously a Leading Teams Australia facilitator, Jon has worked with many teams, leaders and organisations, nation-wide, who have benefitted from his direction and outstanding knowledge of what is required for teams to perform at their highest level.

A respected name in the high performance sports sector of Australia, Jon has been a professional sports coach and mentor for over 20 years coaching  successfully at International, National and State level. Jon has a graduate Diploma in Sports Coaching and is an accredited High Performance Netball Coach.

Jon’s no frills, strong dynamic facilitation style allows him to easily relate to his clients, transferring a wealth of practical strategies and learnings from his sporting career to everyday work place situations. His ability to challenge those in the room with real conversations, accountability and responsibility provides for an engaging positive outcome for all.


Sonja has worked in many different industries including retail, travel, health Insurance, beauty and the banking industry.

All roles have involved administration, management, sales and event co-ordination.

At Good to Great Tasmania, Sonja is involved in GTG session preparations. Is in charge of marketing and information distribution and basically does everything but facilitate!

When not organising Jon, she is running the family of four children and playing her passion club, social and mixed netball.

Jon has been instrumental for our increase in operational productivity and respect for each employee’s role. In a no-nonsense system employees are engaged and made to feel secure to tell the truth about success, failings and issues otherwise not expressed.

Troy Bennett | CEO Bennett’s Petroleum



The Great Teams Playbook provides some practical strategies for more effective ways of working as individuals, leaders and teams.

It’s not exhaustive, but it gives you a place to start when tackling some of the common issues that teams face.

Together we will identify the key factors that your team needs to be great.


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